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We use the most advanced and up to date techniques, technology and equipment for the planning and completion of our implant treatments.

Low dose 3D cone beam radiograph and 3D full mouth photographic scans are taken in house and used to plan your completed case virtually prior to the start of treatment.  Models can be created to transfer planning information back to your mouth, or we can use our Smile Design simulation to give you a preview of your new smile.

Our 3D printer is then used to produce a custom guide that clicks over your teeth to allow accurate placement of the dental implant in the most ideal position based on your final tooth restoration.

The old fashioned way would be to just place an implant freehand without any guide and minimal planning and try to make the best tooth restoration from that point.  Positioning and angulation errors of mm’s can have a huge effect on the final outcome, not to mention potential damage to nearby structures.

According to up to date scientific evidence, a combination of an experienced careful operator and thorough planning with use of guides will give the most predictable outcomes.  Owen has lectured on modern digital implant dentistry treatments.

Advanced 3D Technology
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