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Does implant surgery hurt?

Any surgery will cause some discomfort, but surprisingly to many patients, most implant procedures cause equivalent or less pain than a simple tooth extraction.  Simple over the counter pain relief is usually sufficient and only needed in the first few days, if at all.

I’ve been told I can’t have an implant, is there a chance I can have one?

We see many patients who may have been told this in the past or even very recently.  They may have been told they don’t have enough bone.  There are a number of well evidenced techniques available today that will allow a successful implant treatment in many of these cases, but not all clinicians are trained in or aware of these techniques.  Following assessment we would be happy to explain these procedures to you along with the scientific evidence and success rates as they would apply to you.

How long before I can get a tooth back?

This depends on many factors, in some cases you can get a predictable fixed provisional tooth on the same day as tooth removal and implant placement.  In most cases you will have a final tooth crown within 3-6months following implant placement.

Can I wait longer for my tooth to claim from my health fund?

Yes, there are minimum times to wait before final restoration, but it is possible to wait longer than this to allow you to make a health fund claim for the surgery and the final restoration.

Do I have to have a gap whilst I wait for my crown on the implant?

No, there are a few options available for temporary restorations whilst healing of the implant takes place.  These could be fixed or removable options.

How Long after my tooth is removed can I have an implant placed?

Ideally you will be assessed before the tooth is removed.  This opens up the option of implant placement and fixed provisional tooth at the time of tooth removal, particularly for front teeth, provided the case is suitable.

Once your tooth is removed, the bone and gum will resorb and remodel.  Depending on the clinical situation the implant will usually be placed between 6-12 weeks following tooth removal.

What if I’ve had a gap for a few years?

Implants are very predictable in healed sites and the procedure required depends on the individual site.  It is possible that additional bone grafting may be needed if the bone foundation has resorbed a lot.  We will know this information once we have completed your assessment.

If you are planning an implant placement more than 6 months after a tooth extraction, it would be best to place a special bone graft packing into the socket at the time of extraction to maximise the future bone foundation in a minimally invasive way and to reduce the need for future grafting.

Can Implants help my loose dentures?

Yes, as little as 2 implants in the lower jaw can greatly stabilise a loose denture, which can have huge benefits on quality of life.  Comfort, eating and confidence speaking and laughing can be greatly improved.  4 or more implants are usually needed in the upper jaw.

Can I get my final crown restored with my usual dentist?

Yes, we regularly work in collaboration with and on referral from a number of other dental practitioners.  We are always happy to coordinate with them for the best outcome for our patients.  However, if they are not comfortable with more complex work, we would be happy to offer advice or complete the treatment for you.

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